Placer County Launches Simplicity App

Over 400,000 Placer County residents can now receive crucial updates, news, utility information, emergencies, and more straight to their smartphones via the Simplicity app.

Placer County Launches Simplicity App

Roseville, CA 14/07/2022: Placer County has adopted the Simplicity app, a new mobile application that is built for cities to inform and connect with residents. The County is the first to use the app in the Greater Sacramento metropolitan area. The application is free and doesn’t require residents to create an account to be able to receive County updates.

The community let us know they wanted an app to get verified and timely information from a trusted source. With Simplicity, information can be customized and easily accessed, simply with a touch on our smartphones, Krista Bernasconi, Mayor of the City of Roseville

With the Simplicity app, municipalities and residents can combat the growth of misinformation on social media, improve the speed of information sharing, and reduce the environmental impact of printed materials. The app lets residents choose the type of alerts they want to receive, including updates from various municipal agencies and departments critical to residents’ daily lives.

We’re all inundated with information these days from so many sources, important updates our residents want to hear can get lost in the noise. With Simplicity, we’re continuing to take advantage of emerging technology to help provide the best service we can to our residents, Cindy Gustafson, chair of the Placer County Board of Supervisors

To see news and notifications from the County, residents need to download the Simplicity app from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. After installation, one must select the city of residence and notification preferences. There are various topics that residents can pick, including updates from the health department, police, schools, traffic, upcoming local events, and emergency notifications.

Earlier this month, a former CTO of New York City and CIO of San Francisco, Miguel Gamiño Jr, joined the company as Chief Experience Officer. For more information, visit

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