Stephen Curry Joins Simplicity, Palo Alto Startup Building Super App for Cities

People Can Find All City Services, Updates and Events in One Single Place, Allowing City Administration to Increase the Quality of Life for its People

Stephen Curry Joins Simplicity, Palo Alto Startup Building Super App for Cities

Palo Alto, CA – 2/22/2023 – Simplicity, the leading platform revolutionizing the way people connect with their cities, today announced four-time NBA Champion and two-time MVP Stephen Curry’s SC30 Inc. has joined forces with the platform. Curry’s involvement with Simplicity is a natural extension of his ongoing commitment to improve the community experience for people in the Bay Area and across the country.

With a mission to streamline government services and strengthen the bond between cities and their people, Simplicity’s cutting-edge technology has already been adopted by and is operational in over 30 major cities across the United States, including New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, Denver, Buffalo, St. Louis, Cleveland and others.

I’m thrilled to join forces with the Simplicity team and support the company’s mission of enhancing our cities and streamlining the way we receive information. Technology is a powerful connector, and Simplicity is leading the charge in using it to make daily life easier for our communities. expressed Stephen Curry
Stephen brings a unique perspective and drive to Simplicity, and we’re honored to have him join our company. His commitment to making a positive impact aligns with our mission and we’re excited to see what the future holds with him on our team. said Juraj Gago, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Simplicity

With a team that boasts a wealth of experience from both the government and private sector, Simplicity is uniquely positioned to drive change and create meaningful impact across the world. Miguel Gamino, founding partner of Simplicity, previously served as Chief Technology Officer of New York City and Chief Information Officer of the City and County of San Francisco, as well as Executive Vice President and Head of Global Cities at Mastercard. With the collaboration of government leaders and technology experts, Simplicity is poised to deliver substantial and sustainable improvement to our cities, putting state-of-the-art innovation within reach of every citizen.

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Simplicity is revolutionizing the way cities connect with their people, offering a one-stop-shop for everything happening in a city. The platform streamlines communication, simplifies government services, and enhances the relationship between cities and their communities. With its headquarters located in Palo Alto, Simplicity boasts a talented team made up of individuals with a diverse background of both government and private sector experience.

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