Simplicity Welcomes Miguel Gamiño Jr. as Chief Experience Officer ​​and Founding Partner 

With major cities around the world expressing growing interest in utilizing the Simplicity app, Miguel Gamiño Jr. will take a leading role in driving these partnerships.

Simplicity Welcomes Miguel Gamiño Jr. as Chief Experience Officer ​​and Founding Partner 

San Francisco, 7/1/22 – Simplicity Tech Inc., the technology company behind the
mobile application that helps cities fight misinformation and strengthen relationships
with residents, is proud to welcome Miguel Gamiño Jr. as its Chief Experience Officer
and Founding Partner. Miguel previously served as Executive Vice President and Head
of Global Cities at Mastercard and brings over 20 years of rich experience working with
cities and local governments.

I can’t think of a better time to accelerate an application like Simplicity to help improve trust and transparency between urban residents and their local government. This is certain to increase the effectiveness of the critical services delivered by cities daily. The chance to scale this impact in cities across the U.S. and worldwide is an incredible opportunity that I’m thrilled to join, says Miguel Gamiño Jr.

While at Mastercard, Miguel’s team developed its ‘City Possible’ program to help cities accomplish inclusive economic growth and prosperity. This became a worldwide network of over 320 cities, states, and other organizations. Simplicity Tech Inc. began its search for a CXO due to the growing interest of large cities in utilizing the Simplicity app following its launch in the U.S. last year. Some of the 30+ cities using the app today include Oakland and the entire San Mateo County, which has nearly half of the Silicon Valley cities.

With the Simplicity app, municipalities and residents can combat the growth of misinformation on social media, improve the speed of information sharing, and reduce the environmental impact of printed materials. The app lets residents choose the type of alerts they want to receive, including updates from various municipal agencies and departments critical to residents’ daily lives, such as the health department, road closures, upcoming events, and emergency notifications. Last year, the company raised over $10 million from institutional investors to fuel its fast growth. 

We developed a unique solution which affects every resident’s daily life in a city. With Miguel’s rich experience in the industry, we will be able to help a city of any size to utilize the app to its fullest potential, comments Juraj Gago, co-founder of Simplicity.

Prior to his role at Mastercard, Miguel served as Chief Technology Officer for the City of New York; before that, he was City Chief Information Officer and Executive Director of the Department of Technology for the City and County of San Francisco, and Chief Information and Innovation Officer for the City of El Paso.

About Simplicity Tech Inc.

Simplicity Tech Inc. is a technology company based in San Francisco Bay Area, with offices in Chicago and Bratislava, Slovakia. Its Simplicity application helps municipalities and residents fight misinformation and stay informed on the most critical updates in their communities. Following its successful launch in Silicon Valley, the company raised over $10M in seed funding for further expansion. For more information, visit

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