Simplicity Technology Announces Partnership With City of New York

New York City Officially Launches the Innovative City Based App Bringing Residents and Communities Relevant Information in Real Time

Simplicity Technology Announces Partnership With City of New York

NEW YORK, NY – 10/18/2022 — Simplicity, the technology company behind the city super-app used by city governments globally to communicate more effectively with their residents, today announced that it has partnered with New York City. Over eight million New York City residents will now be able to receive important updates, city news, emergency alerts and more straight to their smartphones via a single app.

New York City is the capital of innovation, and, in partnership with Simplicity, we are bringing our city together like never before and delivering information directly to our city’s residents. “This app provides everything New Yorkers and visitors need to receive city updates, emergency information, and more. It’s easy to use and best of all, it’s free! said New York City Mayor Eric Adams

The Simplicity app is a “city in your phone” and will change the way New Yorkers
interact with their government and city officials. The application helps to amplify the
voices of local government and organizations and will strengthen communities by giving
residents an easy-to-access tool for important news affecting their city and music and
cultural events happening city-wide, in a single aggregated feed.

Miguel Gamiño Jr., who was formerly Chief Technology Officer of New York City and
Chief Information Officer of San Francisco is a Founding Partner of Simplicity and the
company’s Chief Experience Officer.

Access to information is important to all residents and visitors of New York City. Simplicity’s app is a platform that ensures the news and information coming from the City’s administration is available to everyone, timely and accurately. Collaborating with Mayor Adams and his team is a great opportunity to help build trust and transparency, in one of the greatest cities in the world. Miguel Gamiño Jr, Chief Experience Officer and Founding Partner of Simplicity.
Innovation is at the heart of New York City. Bringing Simplicity to one of the most dynamic, culturally rich, and diverse global cities is an enormous achievement. It means that we can help more people with better information flow, and scale our product to better fit the lifestyle of a metropolis resident, states Juraj Gago, co-founder, Simplicity.

The Simplicity app is currently used in a number of cities globally and in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, IL. and Miami, Fl. in the US.

The app is available to download on iOS or Android or at

About Simplicity Tech Inc.

Simplicity Tech Inc. is a technology company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices in Chicago and Bratislava, Slovakia. Its Simplicity application helps municipalities and residents fight misinformation and stay informed about the most critical updates affecting their communities. Following its successful launch in Silicon Valley, the company raised over $10M in seed funding for further expansion. For more information, visit

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