Simplicity is officially a member of GMIS Illinois and CAPIO!

These new organizations will provide Simplicity with a network of experts in technology and the public sector to advance its communication development process in cities across the USA.

Simplicity is officially a member of GMIS Illinois and CAPIO!
Simplicity and ILCMA & Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce

ILLINOIS & CALIFORNIA, USA  10/29/2021: Simplicity joins Government Management Information Service Illinois (GMIS IL), an association of local government IT professionals that will help to navigate topics related to the vastly changing world of technology in the public sector. 
The California Association of Public Information Officials (CAPIO) serves more than 600 professionals throughout the public sector who engage communities via honest and transparent communication, one of the essential elements in Simplicity’s drive to achieve happier residents.

Connecting with GMIS IL and CAPIO opens even more education and networking opportunities with experts in IT and the public sector, as well as provides valuable insights into the operations of counties, police and fire departments, school districts, and many others.

Simplicity provides a smart communication platform for efficient city-to-resident communication: from accurate and timely local daily updates to critical news and emergency notifications.
We are pleased to have joined CAPIO as an Annual Gold Partner and is looking forward to introducing its product to the membership.

We are looking forward to attending CAPIO’s 50th annual conference this upcoming November. The opportunity to connect with many industry leaders is priceless, – said Niko Dubovsky, Head of Partnerships at Simplicity.

Currently, Simplicity is inviting 30 cities that are best-in-class examples of city-to-resident communication to join the platform and get free unlimited access. With Simplicity, every city can benefit from the latest technology trends and continuous product improvements without high costs and in-house IT expertise.

To learn more about the organizations, please visit for GMIS Illinois and for more information on CAPIO.

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