City of Miami Partners With Simplicity App

Over 500,000 Miami residents will be able to subscribe and receive crucial updates, city news, information about municipal services, emergency alerts, and more – straight to their smartphones via a single app.

City of Miami Partners With Simplicity App

Miami, FL – 9/16/2022 – The City of Miami has added Simplicity to its list of social networks to enhance the way it communicates with residents. With the Simplicity app, Miami residents can access a range of important city information in English or Spanish in a single app.

“Simplicity adds another important layer for our city to connect with our residents and deliver them important information in a timely and engaging manner. I am glad to see more innovation emerge that focuses on enhancing communication between municipalities and residents,” commented Mayor of Miami Francis X. Suarez.

Simplicity app is a “city in your phone” where people can see all critical city updates, emergencies, outages, road closures, city events, and more. The app is currently used by over 100 cities, mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area and Chicago suburbs. The city of Cleveland, the City of Denver, and other major cities are launching the app in the upcoming months.

With the Simplicity app, municipalities and residents can combat the growth of misinformation on social media, improve the speed of information sharing, and reduce the environmental impact of printed materials. The app lets residents choose the type of alerts they want to receive, including updates from various municipal agencies and departments critical to residents’ daily lives, such as the health department, updates about road closures, upcoming events, and emergency notifications. 

Simplicity’s CXO Miguel Gamiño Jr. said the company was proud to be working with one of America’s most vibrant cities. “Miami’s been the center of a lot of tech development, and we are excited to join in and help the city serve its diverse community of residents.”

Gamiño, a former CTO of New York City, joined Simplicity as CXO and Founding Partner in July 2022.

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